What is Cryptorai?

Cryptorai is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and market data tool that allows investors to track their crypto investments across exchanges and assets and provides real-time market data and news.It provides real time charts and prices from exchanges to calculate your portfolio values in a simple and intuitive way. Cryptorai does not acces your transaction data and your data stays in your device. Cryptorai is not a financial advisory firm. We are a market data provider for informational purposes. Please consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Can I trade on Cryptorai or buy/sell Bitcoins on Cryptorai?

No. We are not an exchange. We only provide market data and news for informational purposes.

How can I use Cryptorai?

Cryptorai has two modules
  • · Portfolio

    You can use portfolio module to track your investment in crypto markets. Cryptorai allows you to track:

    • Total portfolio value in Fiat and BTC
    • Portfolio growth and gains over time
    • Investments across coins and exchanges (swipe right on portfolio chart)
    • individual coin market data and holdings
    • Realized and unrealized gains for each coin
    • List of transactions
  • Market data

    • You can use market data to see
    • Market cap - Total market and for each coin
    • Market cap ranks
    • 24 hr change in market cap and volume
    • Latest industry news aggregated from multiple sources.

I am new to crypto market and do not have any investments yet, should I use Cryptorai?

Yes, you can make yourself familiar with the market trends, news and coins. A good way to understand the market will be to create a fake portfolio and just play with it till you get comfortable.

How do I get started?
You can start by adding your portfolio data. We currently support two ways to add portfolio data
  • Holdings - if you have a large number of transactions, you can create a summarized entry for each coin for your overall positions. You can calculate average price and total units of your current holdings and just create one entry for each coin. Your selected fiat currency is assumed to be the sell currency for this to track your ROI. This is an easy way to get started with Cryptorai if you measure your investments in fiat currency.
  • Transactions - If you prefer to track at each transaction level, you can enter individual transactions. You can also use this method on ongoing basis as it adjusts the holdings for both - buy and sell coin.
How do I create holdings with sell currency as BTC or ETH and not in Fiat?

You can create a transaction with coin sold as BTC or ETH in transaction screen and off the 'deduct from coin holding' option.

I cannot find my exchange/coin.

We are constantly adding new exchanges and coins. If you do not see your exchange or coins, please let us know in Telegram group or mail us at support@cryptorai.com.

I do not remember the buying price for my past transaction, what can I do?

App can prefill the closing price for the day for past transactions once you select the date.

How do you calculate fee?

We assume 0.25% as default for all transactions and it is added to the sell units. e.g. if you buy 10 bitcoin @ $ 6000 , total cost will be 60000 + .0025*60000. But you can overwrite the default to reflect real fee percentages.

How do I know my profit/loss?

You can check your overall portfolio level profit at home screen. This is calculated as (your current portfolio value - total fiat investments over time).

You can also view your realized and unrealized gains for each coin on coin details screen. Realized gains are for the units already sold and unrealized gains are calculated based on your current holdings.

Can see my portfolio in BTC?

Yes, just click on the overall portfolio number on home screen. All your values and portfolio charts will be converted to BTC values.

Can I use realized gains to report my taxes?

This feature is for information purposes only and we strongly recommend working with a qualified tax advisor for tax filings.

Can I change my default fiat currency?

You can change it under settings.

How can I import a CSV file from my exchange?

How do I import my transactions using exchange API keys?

Do you access or sell customer data?

We are a strong believer in data privacy and it has been a key driver for us to develop this application. All your transaction data stays in your device and we never have access to it which means all your portfolio calculations including graphs, charts etc. happen at device level.

How can I request for features/report bugs?

Please drop us a mail at support@cryptorai.com or connect with us in Telegram group.

Can I be a beta tester to have early access to new features?

Yes and thank you. Please drop us a mail at support@cryptorai.com.