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We enable our users with absolute control over their data and do not store any kind of user information.

Track realized and unrealized gains

We track your realized and unrealized gains giving you an accurate picture of your investments.

Track data across exchanges

We provide precise and realtime exchange data allowing you to track assets across exchanges effortlessly.

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Profit/Loss, realized and unrealized gains, periodic changes, and a lot more, we’ve got you covered.

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Not just numbers, we’ve got donuts too.

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We’ve got some slick charts that deliver pertinent portfolio related details like growth, asset distribution and exchange distribution. 📊

All of it without worrying an ounce about privacy.

We at Cryptorai value your privacy and right to anonymity, hence we don’t store any of your portfolio details with us. Everything is saved on your device.

Take control of your transaction data, no sharing with anyone, including us. 🔒