Cryptocurrency portfolio management and market data
with complete data privacy

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cryptorai- cryptocurrency portfolio tracker
cryptorai- bitcoin , altcoin, cryptocurrency portfolio manager

Industry Leading Features

Data Privacy
Cryptocurrency, bitcoin , altcoin  Data Privacy

Keep control of your transaction data, no sharing with anyone, including us

Portfolio Management
Cryptocurrency, bitcoin , altcoin  Portfolio Management

Track all your crypto investments across exchanges and coins

Charts and Analysis
cryptocurrency, bitcoin , altcoin Charts and Analysis

Historical portfolio, price data, and P&L calculations for your investments

Market Trends
cryptocurrency , bitcoin , altcoin market

Stay on top of the market with real time market data

Alerts & News
cryptocurrency , bitcoin , altcoin Alerts & News

Set price alerts and keep up to date with the latest news

Transactions Management
Transactions Management

CSVs import, exchange API integration, and cloud back-up and sync


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